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Republic Road

Journeys Car Diffuser - Resilient


Republic Road Journey Car Diffuser

Your eco-friendly and stylish solution to car fragrance.

Simply add a few drops of the fragrance oil onto the NZ Wool diffuser, to release the aroma into your car interior.

Journeys are a little travel companion, giving a scented reminder of how special you are on all of life’s journeys.

Made In New Zealand 

  • RECKLESS: Feminine, delicious, and addictive.
  • RESOLUTE: Luxurious, aromatic, and comforting sweet.
  • RESILIENT: Spicy, clean, and invigorating.
  • ILLUMINATE: Magnetic, woody, and musky.
  • MIRER: Citrusy, bold, with a stunning floral bouquet.
  • REVIVAL: Green, fresh, with a young woody undertone.

Journeys Car Diffuser - Resilient